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- Genesis Revisited: Wuthering Nights (2018) -


This show was recorded at the Birmingham Symphony hall in 2017. A venue we have played many times. It showcases songs from Genesis´s highly acclaimed album "Wind & Wuthering" (1976) but also songs from Steve´s solo career. On a personal note, I was very unwell this night as I had been struggling with a cold for weeks. And it shows. But the band is terrific!


Track list:

Every Day
El Nino
The Steppes
In the Skeleton Gallery
Behind the Smoke
Serpentine Song
Rise Again
Shadow of the Hierophant

Eleventh Earl of Mar *
One For the Vine *
Acoustic Improvisation
Blood on the Rooftops *
In That Quiet Earth *
Afterglow *
Dance on a Volcano *
Inside and Out *
Firth of Fifth *
The Musical Box *
Los Endos *
* = Genesis tracks


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