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- RTFACT - Life Is Good (2017) -


Again, I was kindly asked by Yuri Volodarsky and Eugene Sharikov of the US/Russian prog project RTFACT to toss my backing vocals on a track at the very last minute of the production released on August 18. 

You can hear it on the track "(I got) Money In My Pocket".

Players are:

Jeff Scott Soto - vocals 
Nad Sylvan - vocals 
Will Champlin - vocals 
Oz Noy - solo guitar 
Jeff Kollman - solo guitar 
Rafael Moreira - guitar 
Josh Smith - guitar 
Gary Meek - flute, sax 
Edward Tsiselsky - keyboards 
Dmitry Ilugdin - synthesizers 
Eugene Sharikov - bass 
Joel Taylor - drums

You can also order the album from the RTFACT website.

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