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- The Regal Bastard (2019) -


For many years I have had this title in my head. Somewhat provoking, even my record label CEO was againt it. " - Listen, I don´t mean it in a naughty way", I said. " - The Vampirate is 400 years old, this is his language. It means what it´s supposed to mean, the king´s illegitimate son, that´s all". So he gave in. 

The Regal Bastard is the third and conclusive album in the Vampirate trilogy. Some say it´s my best yet, some say it´s too much pop. Judge for yourselves. One thing is for sure, if you listen to all three albums - you can hear that I don´t repeat myself. I go out on new waters I haven´t been before, that is what artists do. The sea is a metaphor for music, where my ship is constantly moving on in search for new adventures. That is my vehicle.

Tracklist: 1. I Am The Sea 2. Oahu 3. Whoa (Always been without you) 4. Meet Your Maker 5. The Regal Bastard 6. Leave Me On These Waters 7. Honey I´m Home.

Bonus tracks: 8. Diva Time 9. The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Cast: Nad Sylvan - Lead & backing vocals, keyboards, guitars. Anders Wollbeck - Keyboards, guitars. Nick D´Virgilio, Paul Mabury/That Sound, Aaron Sterling - drums. Jonas Reingold & Tony Levin - bass. Steve Hackett & Guthrie Govan - guitars. Andrew Laitres - acoustic guitar, bass pedals. Tania Doko, Sheona Urquhart and Jade Ell - vocals. Yann Marc & Isabel Blommé - cello, Karolina Weber Ekdahl - violin and viola

Produced by Nad Sylvan except track 1 & 8, produced by Nad Sylvan & Anders Wollbeck. Track 9, produced by Andrew Laitres.

Cover art work by Marcela Bolivar (www.marcelabolivar.com)

Cover oil painting by Robin Damore (www.robindamore.com)

(This album was released through InsideOut music on July 5, 2019.)