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- The Regal Bastard (2019) -


For many years I have had this title in my head. Somewhat provoking, even my record label CEO was againt it. " - Listen, I don´t mean it in a naughty way", I said. " - The Vampirate is 400 years old, this is his language. It means what it´s supposed to mean, the king´s illegitimate son, that´s all". So he gave in. 

The Regal Bastard is the third and conclusive album in the Vampirate trilogy. Some say it´s my best yet, some say it´s too much pop. Judge for yourselves. One thing is for sure, if you listen to all three albums - you can hear that I don´t repeat myself. I go out on new waters I haven´t been before, that is what artists do. The sea is a metaphor for music, where my ship is constantly moving on in search for new adventures. That is my vehicle.

Tracklist: 1. I Am The Sea 2. Oahu 3. Whoa (Always been without you) 4. Meet Your Maker 5. The Regal Bastard 6. Leave Me On These Waters 7. Honey I´m Home.

Bonus tracks: 8. Diva Time 9. The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Cast: Nad Sylvan - Lead & backing vocals, keyboards, guitars. Anders Wollbeck - Keyboards, guitars. Nick D´Virgilio, Paul Mabury/That Sound, Aaron Sterling - drums. Jonas Reingold & Tony Levin - bass. Steve Hackett & Guthrie Govan - guitars. Andrew Laitres - acoustic guitar, bass pedals. Tania Doko, Sheona Urquhart and Jade Ell - vocals. Yann Marc & Isabel Blommé - cello, Karolina Weber Ekdahl - violin and viola

Produced by Nad Sylvan except track 1 & 8, produced by Nad Sylvan & Anders Wollbeck. Track 9, produced by Andrew Laitres.

Cover art work by Marcela Bolivar (

Cover oil painting by Robin Damore (

(This album was released through InsideOut music on July 5, 2019.) 

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