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- Unifaun (2008)  -

Much has been said about this album. Everything from "Horrible copycats" to "The best album Genesis never made". It started out very innocently - like a childish notion, "let´s make it sound like Genesis!". I had teamed up with fellow Swede Bonamici  and we were (and still are) 1970´s period Genesis nuts. The whole album is a loving pastishe that wallows in an organic soundscape of Hammond organs, Mellotrons, Arp synthesizers, Hackett like guitars and Gabriel/Collins inspired vocals. It just happened. I had left the prog music style long ago, but this was like coming home to me. Seems like that was the exact sentiment the listeners felt too. So, Unifaun was a huge door opener for me and I am still very proud of this album. The songs I brought into the project is probably some of the best I have ever written, especially "The Calling" from "Quest For The Last Virtue". Originally released with a different cover.

Produced by Nad Sylvan and Christian Thordin (Bonamici)



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