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- Sylvanite (2003) -

Musically, the pinnacle in my catalogue when it comes to finding my own identity. I still think this album has loads of integrity.

It rocks. It swings. It hurts and it soothes.

Once again, Jade and Jeanette lend their voices on several tracks - but this time I sing all the lead apart from playing the instruments.

The guitar work was especially demanding, since I am not really an accomplished guitar player. But in the studio, you can do things you cannot do live. Unlike "Housewife" - which only took four months in the making,"Sylvanite" took me four years. This was the one. This was the album that was going to make it. Well it didn´t. But the next album was going to change all of that. Another four years later....out came "UNIFAUN".

Produced by Nad Sylvan


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