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- The Fading Ghosts Of Twilight (2009)  -

The Unifaun album had just been out for two months. Back home from vacation, I was thrilled to hear from Roine Stolt - a Swedish prog legend. In the mid 70´s, he was in this band called "Kaipa". I had their albums, so I knew very well who he was.

Roine felt he needed a break from The Flower Kings, and had been digging in his endless vault of songs, some finished, some unfinished. "Hey, I am making a solo album. Would you like to track your voice on a couple of tunes?" - he asked me in August of 2008. " I did, and also provided him with some extra vocal ornamentations, such as heavy choral arrangements. He gave me more and more songs to sing and after a while, Agents Of Mercy was simply a fact. Just him and me then. Little did I know we were going to tour Europe and the USA the following year with some madly good musicians...(This is the re released remixed 2013 version).

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