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- The Power Of Two (2010) -

So we packed our bags and went on tour around Europe together with Jonas Reingold´s "Karmakanic" in September that same year. One band, two sets of music. We transformed easily from AOM into Karmakanic simply by me leaving the center stage for Göran Edman (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) as I sat down and played supporting keyboards and back up vocals. Göran would do the same for me during the AOM set. So we toured as "The Power Of Two", continued to the US in October and recorded this album at the annual prog festival "CalProg" in Whittier, Los Angeles. This time also backed up by power house drummer Nick D´Virgilio. So it´s all live. Not too keen on my vocal delivery, but it´s a start. My first tour as a professional. I had just turned 50...


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