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- Dramarama (2010)  -

By this time, the line up of the band had become stable. The double bill tour with Karmakanic the previous year saw Jonas Reingold and Lalle Larsson joining the band as well as drummer boy prodigy Walle Wahlgren who played on Lalle´s "Weaveworld" trilogy.

I love the songwriting on this album. Unlike "Fading Ghosts" that only contained Roine Stolt penned songs, I here contributed with three songs I had written on my own (Cinnamon Tree, Meet Johnnie Walker, We Have Been Freed) as well as two co-writes with Roine (Roger The Tailor, The Ballad Of Mary Chilton). The music is basically classic 70´prog with some digressions towards pop as well as freaky psycadelic jazz excursions (check out Journey!). It´s a step forward as the band is still searching for its identity...

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