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- Nad Sylvan - "Spiritus Mundi" (2021) -

The last track on (bonus track) on my previous album "The Regal Bastard" is a song called "The Lake Isle Of Innisfree". A poem by WB Yeats, set to music by Canadian artist Andrew Laitres. The collaboration with Andrew made me want to find out more about him and more about Yeats. So we started to work together and created this beautiful album based on Yeats´s poems. It´s a departure from the vampirate, but you can almost hear him lurking in the shadows sometimes. And I did borrow his harpsichord..

Track list:

1. The Second Coming (7:00)

2. Sailing to Byzantium (6:41)

3. Cap and Bells (4:47)

4. The Realists (2:18)

5. The Stolen Child (4:58)

6. To An Isle In The Water (4:36)

7. The Hawk (4:09)

8. The Witch and The Mermaid (1:57)

9. The Fisherman (5:28)

Bonus Tracks

10. You’ve Got To Find A Way (5:55)

11. To A Child Dancing In The Wind (5:08)


Nad Sylvan - lead & backing vocals, keyboards, electric guitars, bass, drums and orchestration.

Andrew Laitres - nylon-, steel string- and 12-string acoustic guitars, keyboards, lead & backing vocals.

Steve Hackett - 12 string acoustic guitar

Tony Levin - bass

Jonas Reingold - bass

Mirkko De Maio - drums & percussion

Neil Whitford - ambients guitars and slide guitar solo

Steve Piggot - additional electric guitar

Kiwi Te Kanna - wind instruments

Produced by Nad Sylvan

(This album was released through InsideOut Music on April 9, 2021.) 

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