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- Genesis Revisited - Live At Hammersmith (II) 2020 -

This, the second release from Hammersmith (the first one came out in 2013) showcases music from perhaps Genesis most critical acclaimed album ever; "Selling England By The Pound" (1973) as well as Steve´s beautiful "Spectral Morning" solo album from 1979. Dare I say this was Steve and the bands most successful tour to date? I think this CD/vinyl/DVD/BluRay is a testament to that. The band was on absolute fire that night and my voice was in full form. Steve´s playing out of this world good! This release also welcomes new drummer boy Craig Blundell, formerly of Steven Wilson, Frost and hundreds of other projects. 

Track list:


Every Day 

Under The Eye Of The Sun 

Fallen Walls And Pedestals

Beasts In Our Time

The Virgin And The Gypsy 


Spectral Mornings 

The Red Flower Of Tai Chi Blooms Everywhere 

Clocks – The Angel Of Mons

Dancing With The Moonlit Knight 

I Know What I Like 

Firth Of Fifth 

More Fool Me

The Battle Of Epping Forest

After The Ordeal 

The Cinema Show 

Aisle Of Plenty

Déja Vu 

Dance On A Volcano 

Los Endos 


Steve Hackett - guitars, vocals

Nad Sylvan - vocal, muted tambourine

Rob Townsend - all things blown, percussion, keyboards, bass pedals, vocals

Jonas Reingold - bass, bass pedals, guitars, vocals

Craig Blundell - drums, percussion, vocals

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