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- CROSS - Opus Eleven (2020)  -

                             Hansi Cross 1960 - 2017 

The Unifaun album had probably not existed if it wasn´t for Hansi, who released it on his label Progress Records in 2008. When he so sadly passed away from Cancer in 2017, he was never able to finish his last album with his own band "Cross" and so I was contacted by his mother Birgitta who kindly asked if I would be interested to participate in recording my vocals for it. Hansi only had so little time left and only managed to track his guitar but hardly no vocals. Just the intro song "Light´s Out" is where you fully can hear him sing. 

There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to do this. I don´t think I would have been where I am today without that little extra push from Hansi back in the day. So his bandmates and friends helped him to put this final album together.

The music is symponic prog, sometimes very dark and odd but also there are bright and shiny moments. I got to do some vocal arrangements that perhaps gives the sound of "Cross" a little more dimension than before. 

Track list:

Light´s Out (6.04)

Millions Billions (5.02)

Looking For Silver 10.04

Towards the New (4.31)

Reversing Fate (10.25)

Line up: Hansi Cross - guitars, keyboards, vocals, Nad Sylvan - lead & backing vocals, Thomas Hjort - drums, percussion, Thomas Christensen - Bass guitar, Taurus bass pedals, Kent Kroon - guitars,

Linus Kåse - keyboards

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