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Another live album, including 2 CD´s, 2 DVD:s and 1 Blu-Ray disc.

The Albert Hall show was very special to all of us, let alone myself,

as I had my whole family from both sides of the Atlantic in the audience plus quite a few friends from Sweden. Recorded on the 24:th of October, 2013. The setlist is a little different from the previous live album. Here we have "The Return of the Giant Hogweed", "The Fountain of Salmacis" and "Ripples" (sung by Amanda Lehman). Excellent surround sound of a magical night to remember. There are a few alternative editions you can get from

Steve´s website, as I am currently not selling his records in my webshop.

Also a nice interview with me can be found here: Nad Sylvan interview at the Royal Albert Hall. 

- Genesis Revisited: Live II (2014) -


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