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- Courting The Widow (2015) -


My first solo album since "Sylvanite" (2003). In a way it´s a continuation of "Unifaun" (2008), since I still linger a little bit in the Genesis world, especially when having Steve Hackett appearing here and there - it becomes quite obvious. You just can´t shake off your roots, can you! I´m particularly proud of track 3, "Echoes Of Ekwabet", a stand out track and very epic as well as the real epic "To Turn The Other Side", that lands on the 22 minute mark.

Players on the album apart from myself (voice, keyboards and guitars) are Nick Beggs, Steve Hackett, Roine Stolt, Lars Drugge, Rob Townsend, Roger King, Annbjørg Lien, Nick D´Virgilio, Gary O´Toole, Doane Perry, Jonas Reingold and Jade Ell.


Tracks. 1. Carry Me Home, 2. Courting The Widow, 3. Echoes Of Ekwabet, 4. To Turn The Other Side, 5. Ship´s Cat, 6. The Killing Of The Calm, 7. Where The Martyr Carved His Name, 8. Long Slow Crash Landing.

Produced by Nad Sylvan

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