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From roots to crops




As the summer of 2014 began, so did a well deserved break for me - if you want to call it a break!

I spent 3 weeks of renovating my wooden deck, the foundation of my house and my boat. After that, I just needed to get away from it all - needed to be somewhere else for a while. I had been longing for the Swedish west coast with its beautiful archipelago, where I spent my first 38 summers. When we played Gothenburg, a lot of my childhood friends showed up (look here!). I still feel so connected with them and I promised to return very soon. Got lucky; I borrowed a cottage from an old friend very close to where I used to live. The weather was outstanding. Everything fell into the right places; friends were available, the water temperature was great, no stinging jellyfish, great foods and wine...I even borrowed my hosts sailboat. I used to sail race when I was young, and you know how some things are...once you´ve learned how to walk, ride a bike or swim, it stays with you. So I felt right at home behind the wooden rudder! June and July went by so quickly, and we were blessed with gorgeous weather. Week after week the sun was never absent. The first week of August I saw my mates again, albeit for just a "quickie"!...Please look below! /Nad



My crazy inspiring sister Totti came along one day. The buildings on her right is on our old site, but we only had a small red cottage back then. I have overcome the loss of my old life out there.

The Vampirate family will always stay close to the matter what! 

The quaint island of Styrsö.

Some things just never this old fishing boat moored in Styrsö harbour.

A small beacon is the last outpost before the big sea.


Enough of the sea for a deck being prepared for some heavy duty maintainance.



I think I even lost some weight by the time I had finished! But the hard work paid off, it really did. Can you see Skrut?



"Selling England By The Pound" (again!!)

On Aug 6:th, a quick three day visit to England for the Cropredy festival - a massive celebration of love and music. Don´t think I´ve sung to a bigger crowd before, 20.000-25.000 people!


Good ol´ London

Fairport Convention´s Cropredy festival Aug 7 2014

                                          (Photo by Goatious Foot)

Me, Steve, Gary and Nick (Rob and Roger sadly missed the picture) waving goodbye to the biggest crowd we´ve played to so far.                                          (Photo by Lee Millward)

(Photo by Goatious Foot)

When the last note of "Los Endos" rang off..we were all in heaven (indeed there was an angel standing in the sun!)..Cropredy you spoiled us! A big thanks to Dave Pegg for having Steve Hackett "Genesis Extended" and for a wonderful festival. Love to all - see you in October!

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