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The Voyager



With just a nine days break at home, coming back from the USA - I threw myself into some more intense touring - first off to Moscow, the starting point for another 25 shows throughout Europe between April 23 - May 30. It was an immense undertaking because it can really wear you out, if you don´t take care of yourself - hell, it can wear you out anyway! One day of total rest can make such a difference on your performance. I have been lucky..not one cold since La Mirada, LA on April 1, 2013!! So I have been blessed for a 100 shows. I am more confident now, the voice is stronger than ever and I know my limitiations now more than before. I DON´T HAVE ANY!!! (of course I do).  I have grown, as we all have. Have grown to love these guys I have shared the stage with for so many hours. We´re family. Getting Nick Beggs back into the fold added some great madness as well as classy musical understanding. He feels like a long lost brother. He knows my heart. I remember especially one time in the catering in Moscow. We sat at the dining table, and as some music caught my attention, I looked up to the ceiling listening carefully. - "No, Nad...that´s not Prefab Sprout playing", he said. That was exactly what I was thinking. Eeire!


Now..., thank you all for coming to the shows.

We have had a total blast, and when times were a bit hard, dealing with homesickness and weariness...your love and support made it all feel meaningful and wonderful and so we will see you again in the autumn (oh we do have a few shows in July/Aug too!) again. Reinforced and armed with new strength we will prog you down once more! Till then....Big love to you all and have a great summer! Nad



Photo by Tom Wunram

Visiting the Red Square and the Basil´s Cathedral on the first day in Moscow. You´ve heard of a place all your life and now you get to see it!


Bought some very tasty roasted almonds in Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia. Behind her stand was a medevial shop, and guess who went in and found "The Knife"? 



Photo by Angéla Vicedomini

Very strong and emotional moment for me seeing most of my childhood friends after the show in Gothenburg.

The people I grew up with by the sea. I left in 1997 and still they haven´t forgotten me. That´s unconditional love, isn´t it? Just beautiful.



We played some really intense venues. The Lucerna Palace in Prague has been the site of many significant events in the Czech Republic´s history and is considered the most important private cultural center in the city.



Paris was also one of the highlights for me, as I had never had the time to explore the city before. I had a day off and got to see some lovely places. Even spent some time with my friends Roine and Lilian who´d come to see our sold out show at the classic l´Olympia.

To Russia....

Me and Lilian having meringues. Photo by Roine Stolt!

Live in Paris. Photographer, make yourself known!


My new Russian friends! 




The gothic figures on the Notre Dame building.

Paris by night. God it´s gorgeous!

Falling asleep on the tour bus. Look like I´m dead!


Even more goth... in Barcelona. Here, the Gaudi Cathedral (that will never be finished!).

Steve huge in Spain!


In Barcelona in a Mexican T-shirt.


Me tiny in Rome!


Above and to the right - Algarve, Portugal, where the tour ended on May 30. What a grand way to say bye bye to each other, as I left on another plane back to Sweden.



I did not want to worry anyone during the tour, so I kept quiet about my approaching operation I went through just two days after returning back home.  I have had a physical problem that became quite severe and I was hurting a lot sometimes. I am fine now as I am healing. That is all I´m going to say about it. 


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