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- The Bride Said No (2017) -


After coming off the road with Steve Hackett in the spring of 2016, I managed to write and record a follow up to "Courting the Widow" (2015). You might wonder what ever happened to the vampirate and the widow (?), and so in a way - this is a continuation of the story. As you might already have figured by the album´s title, it all goes horribly wrong! He does evetually get rejected at the alter as she revenges him from killing his son (song: Courting the Widow) that she previously was married to. Poor old stupid vampirate! However, he does get his own anthem on this album ('Crime Of Passion'), so he should be alright!. 

The music on this album was found whilst setting sail into new waters, and so the music is a little different and heavier. Though the drama is still there, sometimes gone over the top (as it should!) - there is more soul, more theater, more whimsicality and more rock.

Musicians I have chosen to work with (or they choose me) this time are; Anders Wollbeck, Steve Hackett, Guthrie Govan, Roine Stolt, Doane Perry, Nick D´Virgilio, Jonas Reingold, Tony Levin, Tania Doko, Jade Ell, Sheona Urquhart and Alfons Karabuda.


Tracklist: 1. Bridesmaids 2. The Quartermaster 3. When The Music Dies 4. The White Crown 5. What Have You Done 6. Crime Of Passion (Vampirate´s Anthem) 7. A French Kiss In An Italian Café

8. The Bride Said No

Produced by Nad Sylvan

(This album was released through InsideOut music on May 26, 2017.) 

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