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The Battle Of Seasons


A week ago I returned from a fun five days of rehearsals in London with Steve and the band.

I stayed in a rather small but quaint hotel in Richmond with a cozy room overlooking the Thames.

The last day before flying home to Stockholm late in the evening on March 9:th, I walked along the river all the way to "The Ham House". As the day progressed it got warmer and warmer. Eventually I saw people walking in Flip flops and shorts! Spring had arrived. Two days later it was just as warm and nice in Sweden. But weather set backs do strike...Pic above shot today on March 17, in Grödinge (Sweden).

The café by the Richmond bridge was really busy. Pic taken just before it got a lot warmer as the sun came out and stayed all day.

Steve and Jo picked me up every morning for rehearsals. Always special to drive through Richmond Park with its wild hords of deer. The odd angry cyclists also put a smile on our faces. They do believe they own the road sometimes.

Spotted a gate along the Thames that promised a world inside that had that long gone feel about it. The "Selling England" vibe was indeed present. All that was missing was a lawnmower.

Mr Hackett´s fine arsenal of guitars. That 12-string sound sends shivers down my spine. It´s the real deal.


Boats moored in the stream, captured perfectly by this Spanish artist on the canvas. 


A last minute visit to Camden Town and this exquisite "little shop of horrors" where I buy my frilly stuff and spunky accessories. Just wait until you see what I´ve got for you this time.... 

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