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South America



After a couple of months at home, working like a madman on my solo album - it was time for the

long awaited South American Tour with the Steve Hackett band. My first visit there and


Having done approx. 140 shows with Steve and his fantastic band now, I feel I have grown with the task; call it - matured. The voice is 10 times stronger than when I started out in March 2013, and thank God for that. I have witnessed countless of singers straining their voices and at the end of the tour

having no voice left at all. Never strain - just fill your lungs with air to support the diafram, minimum of let out and just open up your throat and go for it. And I´ve been blessed - not one cold since we did La Mirada, Los Angeles April 1, 2013. That is still my biggest fear, not to be able to sing! 

Anyhow, to cut a long story short - after 12 shows in the UK and another 21 in the US/Canada between Oct 21 - Dec 11, I landed at home to reunite with Skrut in the fairytale land "Uttran",

Stockholm. It felt so good just to be able to relax at home for a couple of days and get rid of the

jetlag. Here are some random pictures from the road. Enjoy! 


Teatro Opera, Buenos Aires, Argentina March 12/13, 2015

"Gig cat" Buenos aires

Enjoying the autumn sun in Southend                                      Dressingroom in Nottingham

Back to the states again, the fourth time in 20 months..


The West Lane Inn hotel, Ridgefield, Connecticut

      With Jonas Reingold in my hotel room in Boston

  Town Hall, Manhattan, New York

                      Lynn Auditorium, MA

Lynn auditorium Nov 19


On the ferry to Saguenay, Canada


Riviere du loup, Canada

With my artdesigner and friend Claude Martin in Québec City.



           From white to black. Seattle 10 Dec

                     Performing "The Knife"


                      Collingswood, a haunted place. Ghost in the napkin!

With "The Children of the West" - Keswick.

I am not tall, they are just very short!

Cheerful Nick on the ferry

Fantastic hotel lobby, Gatineau, Canada



The classic Massey Hall, Toronto, where Genesis played back in the day. So did we!

Sweet to hook up with my nephew Melker, Cleveland Ohio


Flying over the Grand Canyon Dec 4

With my brother Hugh,  Los Angeles

After the show in Los Angeles. My US family was there!

Spectacular Christmas tree in San Francisco

Beautiful beach in San Fransisco

Time to go home, Vancouver


Russel 'Tigger' Matthews is a genius with the lights!


30 November - Theatre du Casino, Gatineau, QC, Canada





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