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- Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited Live "Seconds Out & More (2022) -

Recorded live at the Manchester Apollo, UK in the autumn of 2021.

This was at the early stage of the SO tour, and we were yet to  elaborate on the show. Still, I feel it was executed in an imbeccable

way. Steve and the band giving it all to an excited audience. On a personal note, I think my singing was fine - but I wish I´d cut my hair at this point! I look like some misplaced heavy metal singer!

Sorry for that! And since SO was all about the lights and the music, my stage antics were very much toned down. I guess I can live with that. After all, it´s Steve´s show...

01 – Apollo Intro 
02 – Clocks 
03 – Held in the Shadows 
04 – Every Day 
05 – The Devil’s Cathedral 
06 – Shadow of the Hierophant 
07 – Squonk 
08 – The Carpet Crawlers 
09 – Robbery, Assault and Battery 
10 – Afterglow 
11 – Firth of Fifth 
12 – I Know What I Like 
13 – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 
14 – Musical Box (Closing Section) 
15 – Supper’s Ready 
16 – The Cinema Show 
17 – Aisle of Plenty 
18 – Dance on a Volcano 
19 – Los Endos 


Steve Hackett - guitars, vocals

Nad Sylvan - vocal, muted tambourine

Rob Townsend - all things blown, percussion, keyboards, bass pedals, vocals

Jonas Reingold - bass, bass pedals, guitars, vocals

Craig Blundell - drums, percussion, vocals


Special guest: Amanda Lehman

Produced by Steve Hackett & Roger King

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