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Jewel case (2019). FOR VINYL, GO HERE!


Once more, Sylvan has pulled together a tremendous array of musical talent to bring his inspiration to life.

“Almost everyone who worked on ‘The Bride Said No’ is back with me again. Steve Hackett plays guitar on one track, Guthrie Govan on two, Jonas Reingold plays bass on much of the album whereas Tony Levin plays on one song, Nick D’Virgilio handles the drums. And I also have the same female singers working with me once more, these being Sheona Urquhart, Jade Ell and Tania Doko. And on ‘Honey I’m Home’, there’s a big choir section, with every singer that has been involved with the 3 albums that make up the Vampirate trilogy, concluding the story in an honourable way.




1. I Am The Sea

2. Oahu

3. Whoa (Always Been Without You)

4. Meet your Maker (with Tania Doko)

5. The Regal Bastard

6. Leave Me On These Waters

7. Honey I´m Home


8. Diva Time (Bonus track)

9. The Lake Isle Of Innisfree (Bonus track)


Produced by Nad Sylvan

except track 1 & 8, produced by Nad Sylvan and Anders Wollbeck

and track 9, produced by Andrew Laitres


Painting of Nad by Robin Damore

Album artwork by Marcela Bolivar

Nad Sylvan - "The Regal Bastard"

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