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DigiPak only (incl. 2 bonus tracks). Signed by Nad.

Vinyl (NOT signed, as they dispatch from the US and Germany).


For preordering vinyl  - please go here: 

Nad Sylvan - Spiritus Mundi (Gatefold black LP+CD & LP-Booklet) (

IMPORTANT: FOR BRICK RED VINYL (limited edition of 300, ships from the US) 




This is Nad´s fourth studio album for InsideOut/SONY music

and will be released on April 9th 2021.

After a successful trilogy, featuring "The Vampirate" -

Nad now changes course by collaborating around the poems

of Irish Nobel prize winner William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

together with Canadian artist Andrew Laitres.

The highly anticipated album showcases Nad´s voice and

Andrew´s acoustic guitar spiced up

with delicate orchestral arrangements. 


“Spiritus Mundi” tracklisting:


1. The Second Coming (7:00)
2. Sailing to Byzantium (6:41)
3. Cap and Bells (4:47)
4. The Realists (2:18)
5. The Stolen Child (4:58)
6. To An Isle In The Water (4:36)
7. The Hawk (4:09)
8. The Witch and The Mermaid (1:57)
9. The Fisherman (5:28)
Bonus Tracks
10. You’ve Got To Find A Way (5:55)
11. To A Child Dancing In The Wind (5:08)



Nad Sylvan

Andrew Laitres

Steve Hackett

Tony Levin

Jonas Reingold

Mirkko De Maio

Neil Whitford

Steve Piggot

Kiwi Te Kanna


Produced by Nad Sylvan

Mastered by Douglas Carr at Stardeck Mastering Ltd.




Watch the videos!

"You´ve Got To Find A Way" (bonus track, first single release Dec 4, 2020)

"The Fisherman" (released Jan 29, 2021)

"The Stolen Child" (released Feb 12, 2021)

"The Hawk" (released March 19, 2021) 


Nad Sylvan - "Spiritus Mundi"

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