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Log from the Carribean sea



With winter´s final breath behind us in Washington DC - where we picked up where we left off in Cambridge last year and now blew the roof off with a reinforced line up that saw Nick Beggs back in the fold at the Lincoln Theater - we headed down south towards Florida via New Jersey, New York and Georgia where we played to a (more or less) sold out house. If Lee Pomeroy´s playing is pristine, then Beggsy´s is fierce. Him and I hit it off immediately and the "Twisted sisters" went on exploring the south together with Steve, our beloved band mates and the whole crew. The occasional skipping around the vessel was an absolute neccesity! Needless to say I had the time of my life!


In almost gale like ice cold winds, Mr Beggs and I wandered off towards the White House, threw a gorgeous smile in a quick selfie and went straight back to the hotel again. Horrible climate!! Couldn´t wait for the south!


Rob, me, Nick and Gary indulging in a pizza joint in Orlando, Florida. To my delight, they had gluten free crust and the waitress was just as pleasant!



gorgeous spot for winter weary prog rocker of the bloody north!!



Cozumel, Mexico. The MSC Divina docked for two nights and we explored the island. I even bought a pair of funky Oakley sunglasses in a shop adjacent to the sea. You´d think Mexico is inexpensive....not so. But the fantastic weather made up for it.


 Back at the ship...prepairing for Simon Collins to join us for "Supper´s Ready". Here´s a video clip of that moment. Yes, Simon is Phil´s boy. A lovely bloke. I wish him all the best with his great success in his band "Sound Of Contact".



My Vampirate heart felt right at home with a view like this from my cozy cabin. A fabulous journey was soon about to end but a lot of fun was yet to come my way, getting to know more of my musical heroes from my youth.



With Eddie Jobson (Roxy Music, Zappa, UK) and Jim Gilmour (Saga) at the late night prog jam (where I actually sang "Lilywhite Lilith" that night to a wonderfully mad audience.




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