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Castle dreams

I am a country boy, looking for the grand things in life. Sunday, March 2 - I went hunting for new enviroments to soothe my soul once more. I really should live in a castle, like I did before.Though I had to give that dream up for a while, I was always at sea anyway. But now I am on a quest, and I won´t stop until I find my nest..


Future wing beat is frozen and beyond the frost-bitten walls I hear voices calling ..

I think I might have to sit down and contemplate for a while. Impressions need to sink in before I go.


Where the water picks up from where the soul's wings weighed down by soil - there my strength to survive will thrive in an era where everything goes faster and faster, until I become so giddy from the earthly boundaries, when life seems to be lax and ripe still.... I'm just asking for a fresh breath of air.

A rotating sound finds its way out of the old warehouse ... something going on in there but I'm too frenzied to go in and ask. Maybe it's just me who can hear?



Good bye old world - I hope to be back one day. Maybe when the sun is out and the old ladies once again are sitting round in their flowery summer frocks having tea in the garden while Robin Hood is lurking in the woods.


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